Who made our journey possible?

No financial aid was received for our own benefit prior to this journey. As you can see below, we stayed in many towns and villages and crossed many territories and boundaries. Our cycle would not have been feasible otherwise without their help. Door to door, it took us a total of 96 days to get from Córdoba to Dublin via Brussels and Rotterdam. It was January 2018 when the route and return to Córdoba, Spain was completed.

Many people did help us on our way.  We would like to pay tribute to the international community and all these people in Spain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

For legal reasons, we are unable to put your logos on the website. If you look closely, you might spot them in the photos!

Gracias. Merci. Danke. Thank you.
Go raibh mile maith agaibh!

Screenshot 2017-11-19 10.49.10

Antonio Cabello y su equipo en Ciclos Cabello, Córdoba. (c / Escritor Maria Goyri, 21)
Community of Córdoba, Spain
Community of Espiel, Córdoba, Spain
La Guardia Civil Española
Community of Hinojosa del Duque, Spain
Community of Talarubias, Spain
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Muchas gracias Carmen en el Hotel Rural Villa de Cañamero en Cáceres! Avenida Cervantes, 19. Hay que venir a disfrutar del festival Santo Domingo de Guzmán!!!
Community of Cañamero
image2 (3)
Hotel Rural “Los Pecos” en el puente de Arzobizpo. Thank you to José for giving us a place to stay despite Real Madrid beating Manchester United in the Super Cup!
Community of El Puente de Arzobispo
image5 (1)
Ayuntamiento de Talavera de la Reina, Spain
Community of Talavera de la Reina, Spain
Community of Cuevas del Valle, Spain
image1 (9)
Paradores Hoteles y Restaurantes 1928. “Hotel Parador de Gredos”, State owned Sierra de Gredos, Ávila
Community of Navarredonda de Gredos, Spain
Screenshot 2017-12-03 18.27.20
Albergue y Casa Rural “Alba Soraya” en La Calzada de Béjar (Salamanca)
Community of Béjar, Spain
Erasmus Home, Salamanca
Screenshot 2017-11-30 20.48.39.png
Ayuntamiento de Salamanca
Community of Salamanca, Spain
Screenshot 2017-11-30 20.49.52
Policia Local, Zamora
Community of Zamora, Spain
“Couchsurfing”, Valladolid, Spain
Community of Valladolid, Spain
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.32.39
Decathlon, B-twin bikes
Community of Peñafiel, Spain
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.04.28
“Hotel Santo Domingo de Silos”, Santo Domingo
Community of Santo Domingo de Silos
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.07.00
Comunidad de la Rioja, Spain
Community of Canales de la Sierra, Spain
Screenshot 2017-11-30 20.53.06
“Couchsurfing”, Logroño
Community of Logroño, Spain
Screenshot 2017-12-03 18.08.46
“Anfas” organisation, Estella, Spain
Community of Estella, Spain
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.11.25
“Hostel Hemingway”, Pamplona, Spain

170px-Escudo_de_Pamplona.pngCommunity of Pamplona-
Iruña, Spain

Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.14.18
Welcome to the Basque Country!


Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.15.28
“Couchingsurfing”, Azpeitia, País Vasco
Community of Azpeitia, The Basque Country
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.16.54
“Downtown River Hostel”, San Sebastián, Spain
Community of Donosti -San Sebastián, Spain
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.19.21
“Auberge de Jeunesse”, Biarritz, Spain
blason biarritz cetus baleine
Community of Biarritz, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.21.49
“Villa Tiki Surf Lodge”, Vieux Boucau, France
Community of Vieux- Boucau, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.23.47.png
“Auberge des Pins”, Sabres, France
Community of Sabres (Landes), France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.26.03
Le Boulangerie!!
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.27.18
Mairie de Bordeaux, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.32.20
Merci y Gracias Ariana & Clement, Bordeaux, France!!!
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.30.20
Merci “Cyvea” bikes, Bordeaux, France
Community of Bordeaux, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.37.13
“Ibis Budget Hotels”, Bergerac, France
Community of Bergerac, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.38.57
Community of Sarlat: WWII“Aux Heroes aux Martyrs de la liberation de L’arrondissement”
Community of Sarlat-La-Cáneda, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.39.44
Auberge de Jeunesse, Hosteling International, Cahors, France
Community of Cahors, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.43.55
Cajarc, France
download (3)
Community of Cajarc, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.49.25.png
Saint-Foy Abbey, Place de l’Eglise 1230, Conques, France
Community of Conques, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.51.13
Hotel Le Renaissance, Aurillac, France
Community of Aurillac, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.59.23
“Grand Hotel de la Poste”, Massiac, France
Community of Massiac, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 21.56.12
“Le Clos de L’atre Maison D’Hotes”, La Chaise-Dieu, France
Community of La Chaise-Dieu, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.06.06
“La Maison Rouge Backpacker Hotel”, St. Étienne, France
Community of St. Étienne, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.12.37
“Hostel Away Coffee Shop”, Lyon, France
Community of Lyon, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.15.37
“Fast Hotel Restaurant”, Macon, France
Macon (1).jpg
Community of Macon, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.21.23
“Hotel Premier Classe”, Beaune, France
Community of Beaune, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.23.12
“Hosteling International”, Dijon, France
Community of Dijon, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.25.07
“Hotel Restaurant Au Mastroquet”, Gray, France
Community of Gray, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.27.02
Merci “Chateau de la Houillere”, Lure, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.26.44
The Crew in Lure! Thanks for the bonfire and yummy food!
Community of Lure, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.34.45
Merci La Demeure des deux Trésors, La Bresse, France
Community of La Bresse, France

Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.40.43

Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.40.34
“Couchsurfing” in St. Dié, France!!!
Community of St. Dié-des-Vosges, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.43.05
“Hotel Restaurant de la Poste”, Urmatt, France
Community of Urmatt, France
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.46.35.png
“Je ne veux pas que ma maison soit murée de toutes parts, ni mes fenetres bouchées, mais qu’y circule librement la brise que m’apportent les cultures de tous les pays”  – Ghandi. Merci Jeremy et Hosteling International “Chateau des Rohan”, Saverne, France
Community of Saverne, France
Thank you to the French and German police for helping with directions on the border, Saarland Region [France-Germany]
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.53.55
“Jugendgastehaus”, Saarbrucken, Germany
Community of Saarbrucken, Germany
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.56.13
“Schwemlinger Hof”, Merzig, Germany
Community of Merzig, Germany
Screenshot 2017-11-30 22.59.04
Thanks to Irishman Cillian in “The Black Stuff” Irish Bar of Luxembourg city.
Community of Luxembourg City
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.00.53
Many thanks to “Luxembourg Youth Hostels” and Hosteling International in Echternach, Luxembourg
Community of Echternach, Luxembourg
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.03.35
“Hotel Schlossblick”, Blankenheim, Germany!!!
Community of Blankenheim, Germany
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.09.38
“Pension Jansen”, Rurberg, Germany
Community of Rurberg, Germany
Community of Maastricht, The Netherlands
Community of Leuven, The Netherlands

Screenshot 2017-06-21 02.09.04

Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.16.21
October 9th 2017: Soutien Belge HQ!!! [Rue de Hal 7, 1190 Forest, Brussels, Belgium]
Screenshot 2017-06-21 02.09.04

Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.17.17
“Cyclo Point Velo”, Brussels, Belguim!!!
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.19.04
“De Valera’s Irish Bar” in Brussels, Belgium.
Community of Brussels, Belgium
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.21.01
Nature’s Kitchen, Ghent, Belgium
Community of Ghent, Belgium
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.22.40
“Live. Love. Dance. Get lost in a city with a name you cannot pronounce and where your name is pronounced differently, in an alphabet you can not read, a country with a different way of saying hello, laughing, eating, in a different time zone, on the other side of the equator. Live. Love. Dance. Get lost, sleep under different constellations, dance with different songs to celebrate life, where the sun travels in a different direction and get lost. Love. Live the life you do not even dare to imagine at home, do something you will never forget and never talk about with anyone, get lost till you don’t know anymore who or where you are to become who you are.”                                                                                                                                               “Snuffel Hostel” in Bruge, Belgium
2017-10-20-PHOTO-00009815 (1)
“The Potato Bar” Bruges, Belgium
Community of Bruges, Belgium
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.24.48
“Le Grand Café” in Blankenberge, Belgium
Community of Blankenberge, Belgium
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.26.25
Stay Okay Hostel“, Hosteling International in Domburg of the Netherlands
Community of Domburg, The Netherlands
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.29.23
Many thanks to Coca Cola and “Ijs Frites Snacks Kibbeling”, Rotterdam.
Screenshot 2018-01-09 14.13.33
Thanks to the De Jong family for dinner!!!
Community of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.30.49
Decathlon, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Community of Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Screenshot 2017-12-01 12.40.28
To Pride of Rotterdam, P&O Ferries who guided us across the Dutch-English border
Community of Brielle, The Netherlands
Community of Hull, United Kingdom
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.33.35
 “Restover Lodge” of Doncaster, The United Kingdom
Community of Doncaster, UK
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.34.51
“Youth Hostels Association” YHA of Peak District National Park
Community of Castleton, United Kingdom
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.38.58
“The Botanist” in Knutsford, The United Kingdom
Knutsford Community, The United Kingdom
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.41.49
Lymm Hotel Conference & Banqueting Suites, Lymm, The United Kingdom
Community of Lymm, Warrington, United Kingdom
Community of Widnes, The United Kingdom
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.43.10
McDonald’s, Liverpool, The United Kingdom
Home from home in Liverpool! Thanks for putting us up Shona, Mike and family!
Community of Liverpool, UK
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.45.10
The “Beatles Story Exhibition and Museum”, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.46.54
Irish Ferries which guided us across our final border, Holyhead Wales (United Kingdom)- Dublin
Community of Holyhead, Wales
Thanks to staff: Manager Keith, Dave and Miriam and all family and friends who turned up in the Club Bar, Dalkey, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Community of Dalkey, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Screenshot 2017-11-19 10.49.10

Antonio Cabello, Ciclos Cabello, Córdoba. (c / Escritor Maria Goyri, 21)
Community of Córdoba, Spain

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