UNICEF Comité de Andalucía (Sevilla)

Our mission is to mobilize resources to help refugees and displaced persons

With more than 65 million displaced people in the world, the funding needs for humanitarian crises in various parts of the world are increasing. From the Spanish UNHCR Committee we raise funds to support the work of UNHCR around the world, bring direct aid to the refugee and thousands of families who have lost everything. We also work to sensitize the population about the needs and challenges they face and the need to send refugee assistance.

What is a refugee?

It is a person who flee armed conflict or persecution and is forced to cross an international border to seek security in nearby countries. It then becomes an internationally recognized ‘refugee’ or ‘refugee’, with access to assistance from States, UNHCR and other organizations.

What is a displaced person?

Unlike refugees, IDPs do not cross international borders in search of security and protection, but remain within their own country. However, on many occasions, they are forced to flee for the same reasons as refugees: armed conflict, widespread violence or human rights violations.



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