“Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin”


96 Days.
4,150km (land distance cycling)
65 stages.
Punctures? Lost count.

trump-to-the-left-of-me-brexit-to-the-right-7231877The ferry was delayed. Instead of departing at 11:50, we had to hold on until after 2pm. However, we left our bikes with the left luggage lady and went for a quick spin. The sun was out! Holyhead is nothing to write home about but the Welsh people are warm and friendly. We got some soup and food in a local bar. That would keep us going a little while longer. This was frustrating as we knew that by the time we got Dublin, it would be almost 6pm and at that point in the middle of winter, it’s dark! The weather was once again on our side. We cannot get over just how lucky we have been to have good reliable weather on almost every stage of this trip.

Our bodies were feeling worn out at this point but Brendan was feeling an incredible rush of adrenaline as we moved into Dublin port. Feelings of nostalgia crept in. We tested each other on dates and places we stayed, the people we met and stages/route etc. We almost know the route off by heart at this point. However, as we acknowledged that it was all coming to an end we felt an enormous sense of self satisfaction and fulfilment. One in which we never felt in our lives before. Whether it be school examination results or a degree from university, a job offer or a promotion. Nothing beats these feelings and we are just so lucky to have amazing friends, family and colleagues out there who have supported us every step of the way. Be it a short whatsapp message or an email. Even at times when we didn’t believe in ourselves. With these feelings comes the realisation that it is slowly coming to an end. It’s time to settle again and slow down. Find a job, get a mortgage, get married, have a family, live happily ever after haha! All in good time…

Of course, Tim returns to Córdoba and Brendan will too, one day. Not quite as quickly as he had planned, however! This trip has burnt quite a hole in the pockets and Christmas is fast approaching. From the months leading up to our our departure from Córdoba to the Table Quiz in Dalkey on July 27th…

There are a lot of special people around the world who have believed in us. We can’t possibly mention them by name but if they ever read this, they’ll know who they are. A sincere thank you must go out to all those of you who have helped us fundraise this year and to all those who donated towards the cause. Thank you.