National Charities

With your support, a total of €40,000 will go to the following important national organisations:

FOCUS Ireland works to promote the work of homelessness in Ireland. In March 2017, there were 7,472 people in Ireland recorded to be homeless. This figure includes adults and children with their families.

Aside from homelessness in Ireland, more than 450,000 people experience emotional problems at any one time but many hide their condition and never get help. This can be induced by the stress and future uncertainties surrounding those affected by not having a warm and safe place to sleep at night.  Aware works to combat this problem.

The Irish Refugee Council is Ireland’s only national non-governmental organisation working with refugees and people in the asylum process. There are now 40 people fortnight, arriving in Ireland from war torn areas. However, the organisation needs much more financial support to cater for the integration of these families and children into Irish mainstream schools and society.

The Irish Red Cross sent €100,000 to support the Red Cross boat saving many innocent lives making the hazardous journey in the Mediterranean. In 2016 their income was approximately 6.9m of which roughly 50% was spent abroad and the other 50% was spent in Ireland.

These four national organisations share one common message of HOPE and that recovery is possible.



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