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Brendan and Tim are two close friends from different parts of the world who met in Córdoba, Spain in similar circumstances in September 2014. Tim studied Business Management in Rotterdam and is fluent in many languages. Having studied and worked in Rotterdam of The Netherlands, he then moved to Spain where he has been working as a language teacher for a number of years.


Brendan completed his BA International in Geography & Spanish Language and Literature in Dublin, Ireland in 2010 but since then has spent a considerable amount of time living in and traveling Latin America. He returned to Dublin to complete his Masters in Education and Postgraduate before deciding to take up a Geography teaching post in Córdoba, Andalucía in 2014. Both decided to leave their jobs and homes in the city.

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Departing August 1st 2017, they cycled northwards through the heart of Spain under the Spanish sun before moving into France, Germany, Luxembourg and Brussels in Belgium.

It is in Brussels at the SB HQ where they met Louma Albik, for the first time. Click here if you would like to find out more about the work that she does. Her family needs more support. The SB organisation was founded by her in 2013 shortly after civil war broke out in Syria.


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By autumn, temperatures were cooler and they rested with Tim’s family in The Netherlands before taking a ferry from Hull in England in the UK where they pedalled from East to West through the UK before taking another boat from Liverpool. There they rested with Brendan’s cousins before taking a ferry to rest with friends and family in Dublin, Ireland. They crossed a number of borders and territories. Click here for more details.

According to the UN, in 2016 there were over 13 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance. As of June 2016, only 60% of children were in school in Syria, leaving over two million children without access to education.

A few punctures and some minor bad weather. These obstacles bare no comparison to those encountered by the many hundreds and thousands of innocent men, women and children who lie in wait of hope for a better future on Europe’s borders.

¿Tú crees que puedes ayudar?

Do you think you can help them?




It is those who take care of human life that help us get to where we want to be.


Thank you for your support!

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Flamencos Team Extranjeros



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You can read more about the story behind the Flamencos Extranjeros here.