¡No hay fronteras! There are no borders!

The route was finally completed in January 2018. Having departed their home town of Córdoba, Spain on August 1st of 2017, they eventually made it back in one piece via Málaga airport. Queues moved relatively quickly and passports were not examined for long.

For more information about where we come from, explore here.


Check all eight of their border crossings here.


immigrationWe would like to extend our gratitude to friends, family and colleagues who maintained contact with us on our journey through Spain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland and Spain….

Gracias a Ciclos Cabello en Córdoba también por el apoyo!



Las Equipaciones de SOUTIEN BELGE OVERSEAS fabricado por Ciclos Cabello, Córdoba, Spain.

The route comes to an end for the time being.

Make sure you find your t-shirt!!!

See you soon!





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