Who made our journey possible?


Screenshot 2017-11-19 10.49.10

Remember boy that your forefather’s died
Lost in millions for a country’s pride
But they never mention the trenches of Belgium
When they stopped fighting and they were one
A spirit stronger than war was at work that night
December 1914 cold, clear and bright
Countries’borders were right out of sight
When they joined together and decided not to fight
All together now
All together now
All together now, in no man’s land
The same old story again
All those tears shed in vain
Nothing learned and nothing gained
Only hope remains
All together now
All together now
All together now
In no man’s land
The boys had their say they said no
Stop the slaughter let’s go home, let’s go, let’s go

If you’d like to see who made our journey possible, click here!

¡Mil gracias! Merci! Danke! Dank je! Thank you! Go raibh mile a maith agaibh!

¡¡Mil Gracias!!



Many thanks to all the people who supported us on our journey.


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