“Feliz Navidad” – SB Overseas!

Happy Christmas! Feliz Navidad! 

Winter is here. This is a time of year to think of those in desperate need. SB schools provide educational opportunities for refugees who have no alternatives. By partnering with other charities to send clothing, footwear, toiletries, medical supplies and food to some of the most deprived camps in the Middle East.


The operation of centres with open-access training schemes, literacy and crafts programmes and life-skills courses help women and teenage girls find ways to support themselves independently. This year, SB are celebrating the work of art teacher Fedaa Alwaer, by using her designs for holiday season cards, which are now available for you to order.

Click here for more details!

Each of these three Klimt-like paintings was originally made in acrylic by Fedaa together with her teenage students in the Beirut centre. These images were selected for their close connection to the core contribution brought to students and beneficiaries – Education, Safety and Inspiration.


The design above represents education, showing children carried from their homes by a dandelion head through a sky filled with floating books and pages. The sun in the background is shaped like a filament within the lightbulb that frames the scene, highlighting the role of SB Overseas providing hope for a better future.


From everyone in Spain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, The UK and The Republic of Ireland, we wish you a Happy Christmas and the very best for the new year!!



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