“We will play our part”



Day 90. Having spent at least a week in the Netherlands, it was time to move on. Tim’s family took us in and looked after us. At this point we were just so eager to get to Dublin! With limited sleep on the ferry, we rolled out into a new country. This was the first time on the whole trip our passports were requested… It was also our first English speaking country in 90 days… This made map reading a little easier and we also had to remember to cycle on the left side of the road and get used to a new currency.


We were very lucky with the weather in the UK. No rain or wind. When we came off the ferry, we spent a night in Doncaster before making our way to Peak District National Park. Beautiful scenes there but some tough climbs! From Peak District, we made our way westwards. Tim spent the night in Widnes. Brendan didn’t make it quite as far but he slept in Lymm Hotel after passing Sheffield Wednesday Hillsborough Football Club.

Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.37.34
5th of April 1989. 1988–89 FA Cup final. Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest.

However, he was recently informed by a former colleague that this was the place of rest of the great Péle in the 1966 World Cup! This was when England used to have a good football team! They were the days that the United Kingdom were united in fighting for a united Europe!

They spent some time with Brendan’s cousins in Liverpool. Many thanks to Shona, Mike, Aoife and Cillian for making space for us and for taking us around the city!


This was our first ever time in Liverpool. We were really looking forward to seeing the Beatles exhibition but to be honest, after 90 odd days, we were totally saturated at this point and more in need of rest than sight seeing!

However, We then made our way to the train station in the centre of the city where had to catch our ferry from Holyhead to Dublin!



Translated into Spanish below are some lyrics of an important Beatles song. Let these lyrics serve as a reminder to humanity in the twenty first century.

Imagina que no hay posesiones,
me pregunto si puedes.
Sin necesidad de gula o hambruna,
una hermandad de hombres.
Imagínate a todo el mundo,
compartiendo el mundo…

Puedes decir que soy un soñador,
pero no soy el único.
Espero que algún día te unas a nosotros,
y el mundo será uno solo.





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