“Dutch courage for Soutien Belge Overseas¨


A journey through Flanders…

Screenshot 2017-11-30 23.32.39.png

Gent was special. Trams, pedestrianised streets. Peace, calm and quiet.

Day 81 took us from Bruges in the Flanders region of northern Belgium to Breskens in the Netherlands where we took our first ferry to Vlissingen. This was a day we had to battle the elements and change our wet socks before getting on the ferry. Luckily the land is so flat so there is no climbing to do. Just pushing!


3,500km+ (estimated…)
81 days.

This was a momentous day as Tim reached his motherland! This was also Brendan´s first time in the Netherlands too. In a way, this marks the end of a journey for Tim. There is still a journey across the UK waiting for us but we got here! It´s exciting considering that it was only going to take one more day to reach Rotterdam! As you can see, autumn is well under way. Hopefully the weather will hold up for us until we reach Dublin!  In the meantime, our first stop in Holland is Domburg in south west. More updates on our time in Rotterdam and Amsterdam coming soon! Scheduled date for our arrival in the Republic of Ireland is November 4th… Make sure to join us!

Did you know that the Great Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus scholar was from Rotterdam?Erasmus’s reputation and the interpretations of his work have varied over time. Moderate Catholics recognized him as a leading figure in attempts to reform the Church, while Protestants recognized his initial support for Luther’s ideas and the groundwork he laid for the future Reformation, especially in biblical scholarship. By the 1560s, however, there was a marked change in reception. In today’s world, Rotterdam is a modern city which was one of many European cities in desperate need of restoration after World War Two. Catch us here on his bridge!



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