Bruxelles et la Belgique réunies pour SB

So… Belgium… here you go!!! Brendan´s spokes on his back wheel gave way when he left Rursee in Germany on Day 69. It began to rain and he just said enough is enough. Tim was ahead at this stage and continued ahead on to his home country and Maastricht where he set himself up for the night. Brendan waited for a bus for a couple of hours in the rain. The bus was full so he just decided to walk to the next bus station. He found another bus stop and some kind locals told him notified him of the next bus departure. Luckily, the next bus was relatively free and the bus driver had no problem in letting him take his bus on board. This bus took him to a place called Aachen where he went into the train station and booked his train ticket to Brussels for the next day. He stayed the night in a small hostel/ hotel near the station and despite the fire alarm going off early in the morning, he made his way to the station with the bike. These countries just seem to blend into each other. Why is it that it is only hotels and businesses that ask for our passports?! Brussels is awaiting… That is where we will meet Louma Albik, CEO of Soutien Belge for the first time!



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