¨Here in Luxembourg we support Soutien Belge¨

So here we are. Luxembourg! Day 65. FIFTY stages complete as of yesterday! Kilometres? We´ve lost count. We did make it to Luxembourg. This place is quite unique. The birthplace of the European Union. Dainty and picturesque. Clean. Is ´posh´ the right word? Never have we ever come across such a well kept country. The fields, roads, villages and infrastructure is just so advanced. It´s not surprising as it´s one of the richest countries in the world. The ´Dubai of Europe´ as it is often referred to.  A commercial hub with lots of office blocks, nice cars and nice houses! The old town of Luxembourg City is somewhere worth giving more time to.

Tim got there first! Brendan stayed the previous night in Merzig in Germany as he got tired and gave up after 40km. However, he did manage to catch up the next day but didn´t get in to the Hosteling International of Echternach until 2am. Cold nights now. He walked along the motorway in the dark…but… made it!!

Today, October 5th, is World Teachers´Day. We are both lucky to have the day off. We would like to wish all our colleagues the best! Don´t be working too hard today!

Tomorrow we move to Blankenheim. Then Cologne for a rest day before making our way to BRUXELLES and the Soutien Belge HQ. Let´s hope we can make it before the Pub Quiz on 12th. See ya there!


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