Breaking boundaries…

Day 33 brought us across the Spanish French border but on October 1st (day 62) we jumped across the French-German border. Beautiful weather but temperatures slightly cooler. You notice the cold more so now, especially when pulling the bike over. We have become ever so used to not just crossing physical boundaries but also getting used to sharing the same space now too!

There was no accommodation readily available in Oberhaslach so we spent the night in Urmatt. There, we treated ourselves to a proper meal Cordon Bleu for it was our only bite to eat that day. Again, a strange feeling considering it was to be our last night in France. It´s all come and gone so quick. Neither of us have really had the time or the chance to master the language just yet!

image1 (11)

Here´s a reminder of what that border looked like during war times…



Click here if you would like to see our France-Germany crossing! Onwards to Saarbrucken. Rest day needed. Not the most spectacular city in the world but rest days are rest days and we enjoyed stretching the legs. Washed our clothes and had a game of chess in a local bar and then made our way back to the hostel where we had a light dinner before hitting the hay.

95km to Luxembourg today before crossing back into Germany and making our way to Cologne. We will keep you informed!!!





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