Day 7 – One week on the road…

Cañamero – Mohedas de la Jara (62.5km)

A week has passed now since we left Córdoba. Each and every day has presented new challenges. Punctures, lack of water, hunger, tiredness… Today the challenge was to get momentum back after a day´s rest. There was a feria in Cañamero on Sunday night  which brought some late night noise but we eventually got to sleep. No noise which we aren´t familiar with! Our route today took us through Guadalupe in the morning where we stopped for breakfast. A nice town with a beautiful monastery and very suited to any pilgrim making a stopover!

The best part of the day is generally the first hour or two on the bike before the heat gets up. We find ourselves looking for food and the cheapest accommodation in the afternoons and once we have found both, the siesta is upon us! There are some moments where we find it even too much to talk or make conversation!


Afternoon naps are risky though as it can be difficult to sleep in the evening but we can´t complain. Some of these villages are incredibly beautiful and represent the true, untouched Spain. Juan Prieto, hemos encontrado tu local!!

Yesterday we crossed from Extremadura into Castilla La Mancha. The province of Toledo. It´s nine years now since I was attending university (UCLM) in Ciudad Real. Not too far from here! Some street signs act as landmarks not only reminding of us how far we´ve come but also remind us of where we´ve been!


The current village we are staying in; Mohedas de la Jara can easily be missed on the road. With a population of just over 500 people, it wouldn´t surprise us if we were the only two tourists or extranjeros in town!

The next few days will see us hitting Talavera de la Reina on Wednesday before making our way up to Cuevas del Valle and Sierra de Gredos (Ávila). It will be great to get back to Gredos Centre in Navarredonda de Gredos. It was only as recent as last February when I took a number of students on a weekend visit there.

Today we will make our way through Manchego territory to bring us to the Puente de Arzobispo which is situated on the River Tagus. Skinny dipping anyone?!

Hasta pronto!

Screenshot 2017-06-21 02.09.04



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