Days 3-6: Hinojosa to Cañamero

Stage 3 took us from Hinojosa to Talarrubias. After a few relatively cool days the heat kicked in. To make things worse, we suffered our first puncture and of course it had to happen on a stretch of road without any shade. If only we had practiced for this type of emergency…. Luckily we managed to change the tube and continue our way without too much delay…(only 35 minutes…) The following video is just the beginning.

On arriving in Talarrubias, Brendan persuaded our new friend Antonio at the Town Hall to let us stay at their hostel for free. After all, we are kind of pilgrims too.


The next day we left our beloved Andalucia behind to continue our trip into Extremadura. The landscapes changed: more mountains, trees, and lakes.

Stage 4 took us to the village of Castilblanco. The local hostel gave us the impression of being permanently shut so we called a ´Casa Rural´ and spent the night there. The next morning we woke up to the sound of ´cock-a-doodle-doos´ and other farm animals. The views were quite spectacular.

The way from Castilblanco to our next finish place Cañamero was surprisingly quiet and offered the opportunity to get some action shots on the bike. The following stunts were performed on closed roads. Don´t attempt to try them at home.

Arriving in Cañamero meant the first rest day had arrived. We checked into a nice hotel, washed some clothes, did some admin, and took some hard-earned naps. Brendan learnt the hard way not to hang clothes in the window because they might end up on the road or being driven over by several cars, bikes, and pedestrians alike.


Tomorrow we´ll get back on our saddles for a few days of improvisation that will take us through the hills of Guadalupe in the direction of Talavera de la Reina and the Gredos mountains. Catch you soon!



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