Days 1-2: Córdoba – Hinojosa del Duque

Day 1 – Departing the familiar…

The day finally arrived. August 1st couldn’t have come any sooner! We set off early from the Spanish flag at the vial and hit the Sierra. A tough climb but luckily the temperatures weren’t at their highest.


We arrived in Espiel shortly before 2pm and although there was no one around, the door was left open! We sneaked in, grabbed a shower and then went for some lunch.

Day 2 – Stiffness…

We set off at the crack of dawn. Had a coffee and breakfast and hit the road shortly before 8am. We took a break from the traffic to apply sun screen!! Many thanks to Repsol garage for supplying us with shade, paper towel! Thanks to Restaurante Los Angeles for providing some water!!!

We finally arrived at the Ayuntamiento in Hinojosa del Duque at settled in nicely. We went to the supermarket and got some supplies before cooking our first meal! Beautiful village. It won the award for best village in Córdoba not so long ago! 

image2 (1)

Farewell Córdoba. Thank you to Espiel and Hinojosa! We’ll be back!!!

Qué aproveche!


Day 3 tomorrow. 73km approx to Talarrubias. Better get some sleep. Follow us on our route here!


Screenshot 2017-06-21 02.09.04Screenshot 2017-06-27 00.33.47


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